5 Simple Mother’s Day Gifts

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It’s almost Mother’s Day! Here is a list of simple gifts that mom will actually love.

  1. Listen

Respond, “Yes, mom!” Don’t forget to smile. No arguments. Then follow through with mom’s request. She might be in shock the first time you listen. For maximum results, repeat this process all day.

  1. Clean

It might seem like mom loves to tidy messes that she didn’t actually make. In reality, it is exhausting repeatedly cleaning up after everyone. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to share the load. The key is to clean something without being asked or nagged. Take a look around the house. Are there dishes in the sink? Are there beds to make? Is there a mess in your room? Then perform the task just like mom would.

  1. Share

Mom endlessly shares with love. She probably wanted that last dessert for herself, but shared because she loves you. Return the favor this Mother’s Day. For example, share the remote with mom for the day. Don’t be surprised when she chooses to watch something that isn’t on cartoon network.

  1. Rest

Everyone needs a vacation. Get mom a hotel room with a large bathtub, television, and endless room service. Let her stay the night alone. She will come home refreshed.


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