DOCTOR HOY’S™ helps you Focus on your life, your game…NOT your pain™. Founded upon safe and natural pain relieving options, our goal is to make your life healthier.

In 2001, Bruce and Roxanne Haughey (pronounced Hoy) created various personal care products including a comprehensive skin care line. Their top selling product was PAINEEZ, a topical analgesic containing natural ingredients which provided relief from muscles aches, arthritis, sprains and strains. PAINEEZ was later renamed DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel.

In May 2006 Joachim and Laura Gloschat purchased DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief from the Haugheys. Laura’s background as a life coach and hypnotherapist along with her personal experience with chronic pain has inspired her to promote natural pain relief and a healthy lifestyle across the country. Joachim serves as a Colonel in the United States Army with multiple deployments over his career. DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief takes pride in being a Service Disabled Veteran, family-owned company.

DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief products are manufactured in the United States employing “cold process manufacturing” and high quality, natural ingredients. Our formulas are water based with no parabens or toxins.

Since 2006 DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief has experienced a consistent growth rate of 3-5%. In 2014, the company hit a milestone with a growth rate of 30%. Exposure across multiple markets and countries has contributed to this explosive growth. CEO Laura Gloschat attributes the largest growth to partnerships with Third-Party Distributors in the healthcare, athletic, and wellness industries. DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief products are available in the United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark, and Puerto Rico. Physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists, and professional and collegiate athletes all praise the DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief product line.

Since 2001, we have been changing lives! Let DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief be your go-to pain relief solution you can rely on over and over again!