Joachim Gloschat: A Legacy of Military Service

In May 1984, COL Gloschat, joined the Army with his younger brother, Micheal, both as young Privates First Class. They attended Basic Training at Fort Leonardwood, MO together as well as the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA studying the Russian Language. COL Gloschat went on to Advanced Signals Intercept Training at Fort Devens, MA.

From 1985 to 1987, COL Gloschat served as a Russian Voice and Signals Interceptor within the 533rd Military Intelligence (MI) Battalion, 3rd Armored Division, in Hoechst, Germany. For over two years, he monitored, collected and transcribed Soviet and East German military tactical intelligence communications, providing valuable and timely intelligence products to commanders. During his three years in 3rd AD, he deployed as a Collections Team Chief in the 1986 NATO exercise in Turkey.

In 1987, COL Gloschat decided to try his hand at being an Officer and accepted an ROTC Scholarship to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT. He completed two years at the University of Utah and was commissioned and recognized as a Distinguished Military Graduate in 1989. It was that same year he married his wife, Laura Michelle Carter.

Laura and Joachim spent 3 months as newlyweds and Army Reservist waiting for his MI Officer Basic Course to start at Fort Huachuca, AZ. They spent 6 months at Fort Huachuca, AZ. From Fort Huachuca, 2LT Gloschat attended and graduated from Airborne School at Fort Benning, GA, then on to Fort Ord, CA.

As a junior tactical intelligence officer, 2LT Gloschat served with the 7th Infantry Division at Fort Ord, California from 1989 to 1993. He served in multiple intelligence positions, Assistant Battalion Intelligence Officer, MI Platoon Leader, MI Company XO and Division Intelligence analyst. While in the 7th Division, 1LT Gloschat participated in both Operation Just Cause in 1989, which was the invasion of Panama and capture of Noriega, and Operation Garden Plot in 1992, which were the LA Riots. He provided both vital intelligence and linguist capabilities to the mission inasmuch as the team all spoke Korean and a large percentage of the damaged commercial property belonged to Korean Americans.

From 1993 to 1994, 1LT Gloschat served with Headquarters, 6th Army, at the Presidio of San Francisco as their Special Security Officer. In the role of SSO, 1LT Gloschat was responsible for vetting and maintaining the HQ’s security clearances and accesses. He also developed, maintained and presented Foreign Travel Briefs for the General Officers prior to and following their travels abroad.

From 1995 to 1997, CPT Gloschat served as the Senior Intelligence Officer in the 135th Signals Battalion in Saint Joseph, MO, then as a Wargames Simulation Coach with the 1st Brigade of the 91st Training Division in Camp Parks (Dublin), CA. His job was to provide units that were deploying with computer simulated war scenarios that would prepare them for what they would encounter in the sandbox.

From 1997 to 2000, CPT Gloschat served as a Chinese Linguist Team Chief within the 302nd MI Company, 259th MI Group. He led his team of Mandarin Chinese linguists on multiple collection missions, providing hundreds of pages of transcribed Peoples Republic of China Army intelligence documents, while at the same time developing and maintaining sensitive databases of command and control elements within the Peoples Republic of China.

In 2001, immediately following 9/11, MAJ Gloschat was selected for a tour with the US Army Corps of Engineers to perform antiterrorism risk assessments on all US critical infrastructures. He performed over 100 site assessments on high hazard dams throughout the Northwest and as far east as Missouri, providing vital recommendations to reduce the infrastructure vulnerabilities.

In 2002, MAJ Gloschat was deployed with the HQ element of the 368th MI BN to serve as the Collection Manager at the Detention Center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the newly designated Internment Camp for detainees shipped over from the Afghanistan conflict. During that 8-month tour, he successfully processed over nearly 1,000 Requests for Information from intelligence agencies worldwide. Immediately following that 8-month tour at Guantanamo, MAJ Gloschat and 33 other Intelligence Analysts were attached to HQ, 4th Infantry Division, and deployed to Tikrit, Iraq. Within 4th ID’s Command Intelligence unit, he served as the Deputy Division Collection Manager. During his 6 months with 4th ID, MAJ Gloschat was responsible for generating Commanders Critical Intelligence Requirements and Priority Intelligence Requirements for the Commanding General, as well as collecting and analyzing 100’s of information reports from the Soldiers on the ground.

From 2003 to 2004, MAJ Gloschat was given command of Charlie Company, 301st Military Intelligence Battalion. As the Counterintelligence Company Commander, MAJ Gloschat was responsible for training, manning, deploying and managing multiple Human Intelligence Teams to both the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters. These teams were vital to the in-theater commanders and provided critical local intelligence.

In 2004, MAJ Gloschat was mobilized again to stand up the 09L, Interpreter/Translator Program within Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) at Fort Belvoir, VA. Working with the 902nd MI Group, COL Gloschat helped identify and vet over 150 native speaking Middle Eastern persons to work with deployed US Troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq. These 09 Limas provided critical translation/ interpreter services to both strategic and tactical commanders.

In 2005, MAJ Gloschat took over as the Operations Officer for the 301st MI Battalion in Phoenix, AZ. At that time, the unit sent over multiple Human Intelligence Teams into Afghanistan and Iraq to collect information from the local population in order to paint a better threat picture for the commanders to which they were assigned.

From 2006 to 2008, LTC Gloschat was selected by Central Command (CENTCOM) to stand up the first CENTCOM remote Army Reserve Element in Phoenix, AZ. This ARE was tasked to providing vital Intelligence analysis of prominent elements of the Iraqi and Afghani enemy forces.

From 2008 to 2010, LTC Gloschat served as the Battalion Executive Officer for the 5th of the 104th MI Battalion. The BN’s mission was to train Army Reserve Enlisted Intelligence Soldiers at Fort Devens, MA. During those two years, the BN was able to successfully produce quality Instructors as well as train nearly 200 enlisted Intelligence Soldiers.

As the Command Inspector General for the Fort Hunter Liggett Garrison from 2010 until 2013, LTC Gloschat was credited for establishing the garrison’s first IG office and providing both counseling and training to over a 1,000 Reserve Soldiers who passed through during critical predeployment training. He managed both the requirements of the garrison cadre as well as the needs of the transitioning troops. During his tenure, he ensured the timely disposition of over 100 new cases that were presented to him.

Due to his time as an Inspector General, LTC Gloschat was selected to stand up the Army Reserve’s 63rd RSC Warrior Transition Program, as the Liaison Officer between the Soldiers in the 63rd and the USARC Commanding General, General Tilly. For 12 months, 2013 to 2014, COL Gloschat was responsible for the professional and personal well-being of over 200 wounded Soldiers and their families while they were receiving treatment for physical and emotional injuries incurred during combat.

From 2016 to 2017, COL Gloschat served at the FEMA and DoD Liaison to both the Governor and Adjutant General for the State of Nevada. As the Liaison, he was the single point through which all requests for assistance from the state and all responses from the Department of Defense were communicated as Nevada experienced significant natural and or manmade disasters.

Finishing up his career, COL Gloschat spent 2018 culminating as Senior Observer/Controller with the 1st Brigade, Pacific Division, 84th Training Command. In that role, he was intimately involved and responsible for assessing, evaluating, identifying critical performance gaps and drawing up recommendations to the South Korean Army’s senior intelligence officers as they participated in computer simulated war games with North Korea.

Throughout his 34 years of service, COL Gloschat has distinguished himself by exceptional duty performance in positions of escalating importance and responsibility. During his career, COL Gloschat, by extraordinary leadership, integrity and technical skills enhanced the readiness of numerous units throughout the United States Army both domestic and abroad. His actions, over 34 years of both enlisted and commissioned military service, are in keeping with the finest traditions of military service.

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