Laura Gloschat: The Heart of DOCTOR HOY’S™

It is a rare thing to find a CEO willing to spend quality time on the phone with customers. If you have called into DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief, it is likely that you have had a pleasant conversation with CEO and owner, Laura Gloschat. She consistently spends meaningful time on the phone with customers. She is as easily accessible as a close friend.

Laura has an empathetic listening ear for her customers. “I’m helping individuals with every single bottle we send out,” she said. “I’m just as excited about one bottle going to a grandma in Pocatello, Idaho, as I am about seventy-two bottles going to a professional football team.”

In reality, Laura’s journey has not been easy. It began with excruciating pain and continues with the unique obstacles that accompany a growing business in a challenging industry.



Laura is no stranger to pain and injury. She sustained her first back injury at age fifteen during a championship volleyball game. She learned quickly that pain negatively affects life. “Pain can change your temperament. It changes your ability to fulfill daily activities. It can cause you to feel down and depressed because you can’t accomplish the things you need and want to do,” she observed.

This injury kindled her desire to seek natural pain relief. She was disenchanted by the ineffective cycle of prescription medications. “I had my first prescription medication in eighth grade. I found that it wasn’t helpful. In just six months I was back in the doctor’s office. Back to square one,” Laura explained. Chiropractic services were not readily available when Laura was a teenager. Consequently, she drove twenty-five minutes for care. “I was the only person I knew, at the time, who was seeing a chiropractor,” Laura said.

She worked, with varying success, to manage back pain throughout her life. However, years later, it returned with a vengeance. Following the birth of her third child, an extremely painful bulged disc landed Laura in the hospital for eight days. The doctors immediately suggested an invasive surgery as treatment. Instead, she decided to explore other options and returned home, requiring a walker and around-the-clock care. She could not pick up her baby for two months.

These experiences are the reason Laura said, “I’m not just a sales person. I understand pain. It affects life on every level. This comes through in my conversations with customers. They feel understood. I can effectively explain the benefits of our products because I’m familiar with pain.”



Laura never gave up on the search for safe, effective, and natural pain relief. Personal experiences made her an expert as she tried countless alternative solutions. “I just felt like I wanted to keep looking for natural solutions to utilize all the resources on this earth. There is a place for modern medicine, but when possible, I always prioritize natural methods,” she explained.

It was about two years following the bulged disc injury, when Laura discovered DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief. The products were sold at a street fair next to a shop owned by her father. He tried the unique topical analgesics and found they relieved his back pain. The whole family became faithful customers. Laura’s father even carried the products in his store.

Laura described, “I learned that DOCTOR HOY’S™ formulas had natural ingredients and no toxins, parabens, or aspirins. It was a perfect fit. The products aligned with my values. They sounded good and felt good. They actually worked! I fell in love.

The products relieved my pain. I found that if I had less pain, I could exercise. I could keep moving. I wasn’t as cranky, which made me a better mom. I had more energy, because I wasn’t exhausted from constantly dealing with pain. I just felt better in so many different ways.”



While Laura was passionate about DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief products, she never imagined she would someday own the company. The original owners first offered to sell the business to Laura’s father. When he declined, they asked if Laura was interested. She thought, “How do you buy a company? I’m not in the position to buy a company.” Initially, she dismissed the idea and did not even share it with her husband, Joachim.

Four days later she was in her college finance class. The teacher asked the students to list their attitudes about money, wealth, and success. Laura listed her thoughts.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“Only lucky people are rich.”

“It takes money to make money.”

Quickly, she realized this list was discouraging and hopeless. The teacher explained that negative thoughts prevent wealth and success. He then recommended a powerful antidote—gratitude.

He demonstrated, “Raise your hand if you would stop to pick up a penny on the street.” Only one individual raised a hand.

“How about a nickel or dime?” A couple more people raised hands.

“What about a quarter?” Nearly everyone in the class raised a hand. Laura found it interesting that it only took twenty-four cents more for everyone to value a coin. The lesson on gratitude stuck with Laura. She worked to recognize everything she received with gratitude, big or small, even stopping for pennies.

She realized she had dismissed an opportunity, just like she and her classmates had dismissed a penny. She thought, “Wait! We were just approached to buy this company with a product that I absolutely, one hundred percent, love. I recognize its value.”

She took the proposal to Joachim and he did not hesitate. Thus began the process of purchasing a company. Laura wondered, “How do you buy a company? Joachim just returned home from Iraq. I just started school. Owning a company isn’t on my list of things to do.” Despite the obstacles, the products gave Laura a foundation of confidence. “I always went back to the fact that I knew these products work. I wanted as many people to experience them as possible. The question was then, how do I make that happen?” she said.

The previous owners of DOCTOR HOY’S™ received several offers to buy the business, including some from much bigger companies. Laura and Joachim had submitted an offer. Three hours before the midnight deadline on the final day of submissions, Joachim wrote a personal note. He wanted to share with the owners that he understood their desire to maintain a legacy for the product they worked so diligently to develop. He promised to honor DOCTOR HOY’S™ formulas and operate the company with integrity. A few hours later, Laura and Joachim received an email. Their offer had been accepted. They were the new owners of DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Products!



Through the years, growing the business was a constantly evolving process. Laura dedicated the first year of ownership to finishing school, mastering computer skills, and shipping. The following year she sold product in a booth at 5k races. Eventually the booth grew and moved to bigger races. Then Laura began to create strategic partnerships with like-minded and successful chiropractors, physical therapists, and naturopaths. She traveled the country, attending conferences and promoting natural pain relief.

Laura often had to run the business independently. Joachim served as a Colonel in the United States Army with multiple deployments. He provided support when possible, but he was frequently unavailable. Laura explained, “It became my company and my vision. I was in the day to day operations of DOCTOR HOY’S™.” She quickly had to develop confidence and strong decision making. “I hear all the stories as customers call in with testimonials, or share positive reviews at conferences. These stories boost me and give me the necessary fuel to press forward in a really competitive industry.”

“I’m offering something of great value. This gives me the confidence to attend big conferences and present to NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL athletic trainers and chiropractors. I stand in front of the athletic trainers who have great influence over the products athletes use. I work in an industry that is predominately male. I have to be professional, serious, and strong in my own shoes. It takes confidence to do that. DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief products give me that confidence,” Laura said.


Laura applied the skills she gained in motherhood, such as planning and organization, to business. Obviously she traveled for work, but she had the flexibility to be there for her kids when it counted. She shared her insights on balancing work and family, “I incorporated the kids into the business as much as possible. For example, if the kids were old enough to carry boxes to the delivery spot for shipping, they would carry boxes.”

Laura’s son, Chase, especially enjoyed that job because he earned ten cents for each box. “He would keep a tally on a sticky note. When it was payday, we would circle up and see how much we owed him for carrying boxes. Then we would pay him,” Laura recalled. “The children truly experienced the excitement of having a family business. It makes me happy that we have a family business. It feels grass roots. There aren’t many out there anymore.”

The DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief story is a powerful illustration of family, perseverance, and excellence. Laura gave some final advice that she has so often demonstrated, “When you find something you really believe in and feel passionate about, count on struggles and challenges. But be brave! How brave are you willing to be?”

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  • I loved this bio! I love the passion Laura has in this amazing product! I use it and i love it as well! It refreshing to see this kind of grass roots family business thriving it times like these. Thank you for your dedication and service.

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