Best on the Market – Dr. Dan B, Chiropractor

Illinois | Chiropractor

My patients love DOCTOR HOY’S™ products. They notice a tremendous difference when they use both the pain relief gel and the Arnica Boost together. In fact, my only recommendation is to use the two together–why only get limited results?  I have a tube of each near my treatment table to show patients how easy it goes on and how quickly it dries and leaves little to no residue on the skin. Once they see how quickly they can apply multiple layers to get longer relief, they purchase it.  I’ve tried the Tiger Balms, Natural Ices, and the BioFreezes that are on the market. They’re greasy, they’ve stained my white shirts, etc. But, DOCTOR HOY’S™ is my go-to from now on. It’s the only topical pain reliever that I offer to my patients and my family.

-Dr. Dan B.