Mary Ann

“While having Chemo treatments, DOCTOR HOY’S brought me much relief. When I would get the neulasta shot, it was so painful. I had to use DOCTOR HOY’S on my arms, legs and back. I no longer needed to take my pain pill, Vicodin. This was a blessing because I didn’t like how the pill made me feel. From there I got osteo arthritis and osteo penia and again found great relief with the DOCTOR HOY’S. I use it all over my body and really don’t know how I would be making it without your product. I love it because it is really fast acting and very comforting. I have tried many other products before this one and this is the only one that works. I am amazed at how wonderfully this blesses me. I have a lot of pain and this is really saving me. I keep the foils in my purse and hand them out and have them for when I feel a strong pain while I am at treatments. It keeps my pain to a level that I can manage my life. It also helped when I had my cortisone shot in my foot. The site of the injection was so painful that I needed to rub the DOCTOR HOY’S on and it felt so much better. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.”