Safe for Kids – Dr Christine B. PT

Georgia | Physical Therapy

I have a young boy who was worked up for Juvenile Arthritis however, did not have enough of the markers for a diagnosis. He was unable to play with his peers due to joint pain, never learned to ride a bike due to excessive pain, and came home from school needing to rest secondary to discomfort. After applying the DOCTOR HOY’S™ Arnica Boost he is learning how to ride his very first bike, has made new friends and playing like a little boy should. His mother is so grateful and has purchased the 64 oz jug.  My adolescent gymnasts and baseball athletes use either the Arnica Boost or DOCTOR HOY’S™ Pain Relief Gel to relieve inflammation or discomfort thereby allowing me to perform joint mobilizations or soft tissue work with greater outcomes. All my arthritic patients who purchase the DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel report they cannot live without it. Even my 100-year-old grandmother uses it on her 35+ year bilateral knee replacements.  DOCTOR HOY’S™ is a water based natural product that does not interfere with medications and it works better than any other joint pain relief I have tried! This is the only pain-relieving gel I use and the only one I recommend.

-Dr. Christine B. Physical Therapy