Women & DOCTOR HOY’S™: A Powerful Combination

COO, Christy Mann – CEO Laura Gloschat

Big green eyes, filled with tears searching for me. My two year old runs straight past his father, grandfather, friends, and favorite babysitter into my open arms. There I dust off his scraped knee, wipe tears, and give a squeeze. It hardly takes a minute and with my reassurance he is back on the playground, like nothing ever happened.

This occurs several times a day. It might be a bump, bruise, or even an offended heart. I am the only person he seeks for comfort.

The pattern continues with me. I am sometimes like my toddler, calling my mother, even as a grown adult, for advice and reassurance when sick. If I am emotionally hurt or offended, I reach out to my best friend or sister. I rely on the women in my life for empathy and trustworthy advice.

Women are often the healers in their homes, families, and communities. We have asked our women customers about DOCTOR HOY’S™.

DOCTOR HOY’S™ products are the best! I use the products for my chronic neck pain. I have tried many different pain creams and gels, but I have daily pain and require frequent application to manage it. The other products I have tried sting and dry out my skin when I apply them as often as I need. I love DOCTOR HOY’S™ because I can apply it again and again depending on my level of pain. It has never stung or dried out my skin. I also love the mild scent because it is not overpowering like the other products. DOCTOR HOY’S™ does not leave any residue or weird color on my skin. This stuff is really great and I love it!

Jennifer J. – Mother, Eagle Mountain, UT

I love the Arnica Boost, especially for long flights! I cover my legs with the soft, creamy formula and have no swelling when I arrive at my destination!

Diana B. – Pierce College Professional Development Manager, Tacoma, WA

As a doctor with fibromyalgia that treats many types of fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions in Arizona, I cannot say enough positive things about DOCTOR HOY’S™ Arnica Boost. Some of my patients say it even works better than Percocet or Vicodin. I love the consistency of the Arnica Boost cream. It is wonderful for swelling, pain, neuropathy and arthritis, especially when applied in layers. Many headache patients find relief from massaging the cream into their tight facial muscles and neck. We can stop the headache from turning in to a migraine with DOCTOR HOY’S™. If one layer does not work, wait five minutes and apply a second or third layer.

Dr. Nicole Sundene – Fountain Hills Women’s Health, Scottsdale, AZ

As a hospital pharmacist, it was quite a shock to discover the high level of pain relief in DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel. I happened upon a booth at a street fair and was very skeptical about the claims being made. I have had degenerative disc disease for many years and have used scores of prescribed pain medications from Ibuprofen to Oxycontin.

My education and training, as a licensed pharmacist, have led me to believe the strongest and most reliable pain relievers are prescribed by doctors and filled by pharmacists. However, the combination of Menthol 5% and Camphor 5% in DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel has worked particularly well in controlling the pain I suffer from with this degenerative disease. I find DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel to be swift and effective in topically controlling my back pain.  It is wonderful to know DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel actually lives up to its claims. As a pharmacist, I have no qualms about recommending DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel to my patients, friends and family. DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel is an excellent product!

Jill Davis-Curtis — PharmD, RPh. CA

I have used DOCTOR HOY’S™ for the past 5 years on my post-op and arthritic patients. They have seen decreased pain and improved scar healing. We order monthly, as patients come back again and again to get the product.  I use it for the massage lotion on post-op scars and arthritic areas.  I have felt significant improvement in my own hands from doing massages. I have no issues recommending it to my patients. It pretty much sells itself when they use it.

Dr. Julie Kresel — Spooner Physical Therapy

I have a young boy who was worked up for Juvenile Arthritis, however, did not have enough of the markers for a diagnosis. He was unable to play with his peers due to joint pain, never learned to ride a bike due to excessive pain, and came home from school needing to rest secondary to discomfort. After applying the DOCTOR HOY’S™ Arnica Boost he is learning how to ride his very first bike, making new friends, and playing like a little boy should. His mother is so grateful and has purchased the 64oz jug.

My adolescent gymnasts and baseball athletes use either the Arnica Boost or DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel to relieve inflammation or discomfort, thereby allowing me to perform joint mobilizations or soft tissue work with greater outcomes. All my arthritic patients who purchase the DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel report they cannot live without it. Even my 100-year-old grandmother uses it on her 35+ year bilateral knee replacements.  DOCTOR HOY’S™ is a water-based natural product that does not interfere with medications. It works better than any other joint pain relief I have tried! This is the only pain-relieving gel I use and the only one I recommend.

Dr. Christine Bost — Bost Physical Therapy

Our women customers trust DOCTOR HOY’S™ in their role as healers. In many cases, the products even support the women, so they can continue to help others.

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